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Audiosome is a project created by Rouzbeh Firouzmand, Shayan Farhangi, Babek Azimzade and Maziar Firuzmand and is backed by the Hamburg-based Artbees GmbH. 


Since the first days of Artbees, we have always supported the idea of free and open-source as much as possible. Back in 2010, we were one of the main distributors of high-quality, free graphic assets in DeviantArt, who won multiple awards. Our WordPress theme Jupiter X is a 100% GPL website with 120,000 customers.

Along the way, we have also supported those with the same mindset about digital ownership and the open web. We chose WordPress as the platform for our website builder Jupiter X and contributed to WordCamps by sponsoring them and taking part in contributor days. We have always supported great movements about stock media such as Unsplash, which compiles a massive library of great photographs available for free worldwide.

In fact, the Audiosome project is inspired and motivated by Unsplash. We’d like to collect the same collection of high-quality assets but in the category of digital audio and music. More importantly, we’d love to foster the culture of giving and sharing in digital audio stock media and building a community around this culture. 

We might not be the first to aspire for these values in the digital audio industry, but we maybe are the most determined to be the best. We hope for a huge community of a high-quality digital sound library where creative professionals, DJs, musicians, filmmakers and even simple end-users hang out for using, contributing and sharing generously gifted audio work.

Our Values 

  • Free and limitless access to audio assets
  • Audiosome trio is create, use, share. This cycle will function only if we commit to sharing  what we create as much as we enjoy what’s created and shared by others. So do give credit to your favorite artist’s work and also give back by sharing what you have created at some point.
  • Maintaining an organic community powered by itself and not for profit. We will do our best to keep Audiosome free for all. We may or may not run limited ads across our pages in the future to cover the expenses of keeping the project alive, but we will always need the community’s support to help spread the word about it.


All audio assets published on Audiosome can be downloaded, copied, modified, distributed, performed and used for free in commercial and noncommercial projects. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to Audiosome or the author behind the assets, but it would be greatly appreciated if possible. This license DOES NOT INCLUDE the right to sell these assets nor compile them from Audiosome in a similar or competing service. Also please  note that the Audiosome License does not include the right to use trademarks, logos, or brands that are heard in the audio assets.